The JPS Global Industrial Group provides products and services to help you improve Operational Excellence (OE). Operational Excellence is the systematic management of safety, health, environment, reliability and efficiency to achieve world-class performance in the petroleum, chemical, pipeline and utility industries. The key to OE success is an efficiently selected and managed operating staff that is focused on your vision, mission and core strategies.

Our core business is licensing our world-class Console Operator Basic Requirements Assessment (COBRA) product. Using COBRA you are assured of selecting “the best” Console Operators.

Now that you have selected the best Operators, they need the best training possible. Here, too, the JPS Global Industrial Group is ready to assist with highly experienced consultants who will help assess your training needs, align them with your vision and mission, and develop a training plan.

We are pros at developing custom training materials and on-the-job tools for the Operator to help you progress your Operators up the Console Operator Competency Curve.


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